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If you feel like our videos might be a little too short for your liking or just want to see how much we love the world of theatre, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s slot reels, real shows or even show reels, we have lots of thoughts – possibly even too many, some might say – and we would like to share them with you. We’ll be writing about our two top passions but you can filter our pieces by category if you’re only interested in a particular topic.

Best of outer space themed slots

As we approach the outer limits of the Milky Way, we encounter some of the most mesmerizing nebulae that have ever been formed. As we soar past this exquisite show of lights and colours, we detect some exotic space crystals and other rewards.

Best of crystal-themed slot games

The possible combinations of dazzling colours that you can land are practically limitless, and thus so are the dimensions of awe-inspiring beauty.

Best of feline-themed slot games

These felines sure know how to bring endless mischief, amusement and affection to those reels, using their unique intelligence, curiosity and sharp senses to lead you to some epic wins.

Get enchanted with fantasy-themed slots

Regardless of whichever direction and distance your imagination may be fond of taking, you will eventually find the type of fantasy games that suit your tastes if you know where to look.

The most captivating Irish-themed slots

We’ve handpicked and will present some Irish-themed slots that really stuck out in our mind below, with the help of the wisest leprechauns in the Irish countryside.

Exploring the Best of 3D slots

Aptly put, 3D slots take all the monotony out of the slot gaming experience and turns it into a story. If you have an active imagination, then 3D slots certainly have the potential to take you on spellbinding adventures into alternate realities and exotic dimensions.

The sticky bandits make their return

The Sticky Bandits are about to make a wild return the only way they know how, and they won’t let anyone stand in their way. Where will you be when the bullets fly? Be sure to keep your friends close and your revolver closer.

Best Free Spins in 2021 and beyond

The allure of free spins strikes mainly the hearts of slot game enthusiasts as it allows them to explore interesting titles while retaining the chance to win big! Without further ado, let’s explore some of the options out there that are worth checking out in the coming year and beyond.

Spinfinity by Eddy – the enchantment never ends

You can rest assured that the excitement level on Spinfinity by Eddy from EmuCasino won’t ever die down as new games are continuously being introduced onto the market. Also, the seasoned providers behind these amazing games are always being collaborated with to ensure that you’re getting only the latest and greatest.

Enjoying the Magic of Musicals in Your Own Home

Don’t fret about missing out on seeing your favourite musicals live ever again now that you can watch them anytime, anywhere!

Exploring the Vast and Astonishing Realm of Slot Games

With so many slot game types at your fingertips, the fun and intrigue never sleeps as the possibilities for enjoyment know no bounds!

Jumping with Joy for Jim-Dandy Jackpots

Whether it’s a physical machine or an online game, you can’t deny that the most exciting moment a slot lover could possibly experience is hitting a ginormous jackpot!

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