Best of feline-themed slot games

Best of feline-themed slot games

Join us as we count down four of the best cat-themed slots that we’ve ever encountered. These felines sure know how to bring endless mischief, amusement and affection to those reels, using their unique intelligence, curiosity and sharp senses to lead you to some epic wins. From adorable house cats to ferocious lions, we’ve got it all lined up for you here. Without further ado, brace yourself as we let the cats out of the bag.

The Catfather

These furry felines may look all innocent and cute on the surface, but inside they’re plotting all kinds of crazy shenanigans in honor of ‘the family’. Organized, cunning and ruthless, The Catfather and his band of meowing mobsters are up to no good and are ready to take over the whole house and maybe even the whole neighborhood. These guys will do anything to get their demands met; from holding the pet mouse hostage to scratching up that brand new sofa you just got – no one and nothing is safe!

The Catfather by Pragmatic Play is a video slot game featuring 5 reels along with 9 fixed paylines and graphics characterized by sharp, rich colours that bring each of the mobster cats to life with plenty of attitude. Featuring plenty of humor and debauchery, The Catfather also comes with a Wild, Scatter and Free Spins feature. Are you ready to unleash pure mayhem as the Catfather gives you an offer you can’t refuse? Also, be sure to check out The Catfather part 2, the superb sequel to this highly acclaimed classic.

Game Info

Slot Name:  The Catfather
Software: Pragmatic Play
RTP: 98.1%
Volatility: Low volatility
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
In-Game Bonuses: Bonus Game, Stacked Wild Symbol, Free Spins


King Of Cats

Let us move on now to the big cats. In King Of Cats by Big Time Gaming, you will get to play the part of either a lion or a puma, both ferocious felines known to prowl the wild in search of their next unlucky victim. In this game, the hunt will be on for some juicy wins. With up to 117,649 ways to win, you can bet there’s plenty of prey for you to sink your teeth into! The game starts by presenting you with a choice of either choosing to play as a Puma or a Lion, each of which has its own assortment of special features.

In addition to its megaways, King of Cats is a video slot game that comes with 6 reels as well as Wild, Scatter and Free Spins features for both the Lion and Puma game, with a unique configuration for each.  King of Cats also comes with some seriously enchanting and detailed visuals that will bring out your wild side and bring all the thrills and dangers of the jungle and Serengeti straight to your living room.

Game Info

Slot Name:  King of Cats
Software: Big Time Gaming
RTP: 96.7%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 117,649
Reels: 6
In-Game Bonuses: Bonus Game, Stacked Wild Symbol, Free Spins


Colin the Cat

Don’t let his size and look of pure innocence fool you; Colin the Cat is a wild one, just biding his time, waiting for his next opportunity to wreak utter mayhem in your living room. Mischievous and ever so charming, Colin the Cat plays by his own rules and always gets his way. He knows how to take care of your rodent problem, how to make you feel sorry for him and thus feed him, how to make friends with your pet fish, as well as how to hunt down those epic wins in style.

Colin the Cat by Wazdan gaming is quite the unique video slot game and comes with 4 reels along with 10 fixed paylines. This game features visuals characterized by sharp, cartoonlike colours and rich level of detail that express Colin’s personality in compelling fashion.

Included as symbols in this game are various scenes of Colin engaging in his usual shenanigans, such as raiding the mailbox, lounging on a tree, clawing up your wall, drowning in a mountain of cheese, and more. Also included is a Wild and Bonus symbol feature that takes the mayhem up a notch. Brace yourself because the party doesn’t stop until Colin says so!

Game Info

Slot Name:  Colin the Cat
Software: Wazdan
RTP: 96.1%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 4
In-Game Bonuses: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Free Spins


Kawaii Kitty

Say hello to perhaps the cutest game on our list. It’s all rainbows and unicorns in Kawaii Kitty as you get a taste of what it’s like to live the rosy life of a pampered feline. When you have owners who love you as much as this, you needn’t have a worry in the world; endless tuna and playtime lay at your fingertips around the clock. Featuring 5 reels along with 10 fixed paylines, Kawaii Kitty by Betsoft is a video slot game that will soften and warm your heart as you’re plunged into a world of nonstop smiles, positivity and cuteness.

The symbols featured in Kawaii Kitty include various items that you’d find in Kawaii Kitty’s room, such as a can of tuna, a bowl of catnip, toy fish, a toy mouse, a brush, and a carton of milk. In addition to an expanding Wild, Free Spins and Gamble feature, Kawaii Kitty features some of the most lighthearted, vibrant and fluffy visuals that we’ve seen. The game is set in Kawaii Kitty’s private room, which resembles a feline’s paradise and is depicted with vibrant, lighthearted visuals that never fail to lift your mood each time you play.

Game Info

Slot Name:  Kawaii Kitty
Software: Betsoft
RTP: 95.27%
Volatility: Low volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
In-Game Bonuses: Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Re-Spin


A closing note to all you animal lovers out there

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