Best of horror-themed games

Best of Horror-themed Games - A Halloween Special

Trick or treat, those zombies are looking to turn you into minced meat! Halloween’s around the corner, so we’re going to be exploring some of the most bone-chilling and ghastly slot games ever devised. Brace your nerves as hordes of the undead are let out of the closet and walk the earth, as ravenous vampires and other creatures of the night hunt for blood, and as your worst fears come to life. If you can use your wits and cunning to survive this onslaught of terror, you may just walk away with some exquisite winnings.

Dead World by 1x2Gaming

As darkness falls, legions of the undead pour onto the streets. Now, these aren’t your classical slow and dumb zombies who literally walk into your bullets and baseball bats. No, after passing on from their human existence, these zombies rise to walk the earth again whilst retaining a certain degree of cunning and physical agility, so beware! You, along with a group of survivors you meet amidst the mayhem must find a way to withstand the zombie advance and hold out until military intervention arrives or you reach a safe zone. It’s going to be fast, it’s going to be brutal, and it’s going to be bloody. Ready to run, slash, shoot and detonate your way to some epic wins?

Dead World comes with 5 reels, 50 fixed paylines and gory, in your face visuals that will turn mundane existence into an action-packed waking nightmare. Count your ammunition and form your contingency plans; this will get ugly real quick! In addition to a standard Wild feature, this game also comes with a Bonus Round, which shows two rows of zombies, which you have to neutralize using a limited number of bullets. Your total Bonus is determined by your total kills. Note that Dead World carries a RTP(Return to Player) of 94.04.

Curse of the Werewolf by Pragmatic Play

Next up, we head over to a town plagued an elusive and terrifying werewolf. It happens to be a full moon night tonight, so you best prepare your traps and defenses, because this beasts’ appetite for blood is simply insatiable. The worst part is, we don’t even know who the culprit is, so you can’t even fully trust any of the townsfolk to watch your back; that’s a job you’ll have to do yourself with the utmost vigilance! Can you be the one to break the werewolf’s curse and restore peace to this once vibrant town?

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways is a video slot game featuring 6 reels along with a whopping 46,656 maximum total megaways (which helps explain the rather impressive RTP of 96.5%). As an added bonus, it also comes with the standard Wild feature as well as a Mystery symbol feature (denoting the mystery of who the werewolf is disguised as!) which randomly transforms into the same paying symbol after a certain number land during the main game, potentially magnifying your win amount by epic proportions.

Blood Eternal by Betsoft

Our next destination is a haunted Victorian era mansion that has been the site of some grisly murders in recent centuries. Anyone who has tried to investigate or dismantle the building has also met an unfortunate end, either being hexed with a curse or having all the blood drained from their bodies. Legend has it that the original troubled owners of this home hid vast treasures somewhere in the house and then summoned vampires, gargoyles and evil forces to guard it. Armed with crosses, holy water and a whole lot of courage, we’re going to end the legacy of this cursed mansion for good and walk away with some heroic winnings.

If you count yourself a fan of vampires, then Blood Eternal is sure to be a real treat for all you creatures of the night. This vampiric, blood-soaked masterpiece by Betsoft comes with 5 reels, 30 fixed paylines and graphics that are so vivid in how they plunge you into a world of darkness that wave after wave of chills are sent up your spine as you play. Blood Eternal also comes with an assortment of special features that take the insanity of this cursed mansion to another level. These include a Wild, Vampire Free Spins and Double Bats feature, all of which are explained below.

Aside from a standard Wild feature, Blood Eternal comes with a unique Vampire Free Spins feature, which is activated when a vampire symbol lands next to a human. When this happens, 8 Free Spins will be awarded and the symbols that triggered the feature will be held in place as Wilds. If a second pair lands during Free Spins, then you will be awarded with 8 more Free Spins. During this feature, activating symbols will cause blood splatters that turn other symbols into Wilds. Also featured is a gamble feature that allows you to potentially double up on your win. Also, keep an eye out for the double bat symbol, which counts as 2 regular bat symbols. The ways to spill blood and win big in this game are boundless!

Haunted Hospital by Wazdan

For our last daring expedition, we will be exploring a haunted hospital. We’re not sure of the exact details, but something went very wrong here and now all the doctors are insane and completely psychotic. To make matters worse, someone opened a portal to the spirit world and now tortured, malevolent entities stalk the halls, looking to devour the most innocent souls they can find. However, behind all the fright and darkness lay vast rewards that only the bravest and most determined can claim. Let’s see if you can survive till sunrise and banish all the evil that grips this hospital once and for all.

Haunted Hospital comes with 3 reels, 27 maximum paylines and some seriously spooky animations and graphics that scream insanity, horror and brutality. It may be best to not play this game in the dark, unless you’re one of those fearless types! Aside from a standard Wild feature, this game also comes with a Free Spins feature (9 Free Spins activated by 3 Scatters), as well as Mystery symbols: when you land 3 Mystery symbols, you will win a mystery drawing that awards a multiplier that ranges from 1-500x your bet. Also note that Haunted Hospital carries an average RTP(Return to Player) of 96.49%.

The fright need not end here...

If you’re truly fearless or just plain crazy and wish for more terrifying adventures into the darkest realms that few dare to enter, then be sure to visit EmuCasino and check out the rest of their horror themed games, which are nearly as numerous as the number of bats in Dracula’s castle. And with that, we wish you the happiest and safest of Halloweens!

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