Spinfinity by Eddy – the enchantment never ends

So what is all the fuss about?

All of you slot enthusiasts out there will want to pay close attention to this exciting new feature that was just launched on EmuCasino. Feast your eyes on Spinfinity by Eddy – a way for avid slot game fans to try out the very best that the world of slot games has to offer each and every week. Since EmuCasino has been known to specialize in slot games and has been a favorite amongst slot enthusiasts the world over, this new feature is a great way for them to showcase the very best titles in their library. What better way to do this than to give you seven sets of free spins, amounting to a maximum of 105 every week?

Chances are that even if you are a seasoned slot player, you may have missed out on some seriously intriguing titles in your history of browsing slot games. Thus, Spinfinity by Eddy is a great way to explore some serious gems that may have eluded you before. Each week, you will get a fresh batch of prime quality games that are categorized into two categories (action and adventure, for example), along with plenty of free spins you can use to potentially win big with.

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What you can expect?

Whether you are looking for the finest in terms of graphics, gameplay or special features, rest assured that you will get more than enough since EmuCasino works with only the most reputable software masterminds. Moreover, regardless of what your forte is in terms of themes, Spinfinity by Eddy will provide you with nothing but the very best from each.

Ever since its establishment, EmuCasino has held a track record of delivering some seriously exciting titles and has become a heavy favourite amongst slot enthusiasts. What’s more, it shows no signs of slowing down. As slot games continue to evolve and software technologies become more refined, you can rest assured that EmuCasino will keep close tabs on the hottest new releases.

As you use up those free spins to explore the vast and marvelous world of slots, you may come across several that capture your heart. When this happens, by all means, bookmark the games that appeal to you so you can come back to them later.

How it works – so easy a caveman could do it

  • First, you must log in and then hit the ‘Deposit button’.
  • Next, you must select the ‘Spinfinity by Eddy’ option and then deposit your funds.
  • Once you have deposited, you should see your free spins underneath your profile. Now you’re good to go!
  • As mentioned before, you can rack up as many as 105 free spins each week. To make sure that you’re maximizing the number of spins you’re getting for any given week, be sure to log in all seven days for that week.
  • Note that the wagering requirement for this bonus is 20x.
  • This bonus may be claimed twice a week but may only be used once for each set of slot games.

Boredom is simply not in the cards

You can rest assured that the excitement level on Spinfinity by Eddy won’t ever die down as new games are continuously being introduced onto the market. Also, the seasoned providers behind these amazing games are always being collaborated with to ensure that you’re getting only the latest and greatest. By partaking in Free Spins, you will have a neat way to keep tabs on fetching developments and lost gems in the world of slot games as the hottest titles, past and present, are regularly presented to you.

Spinfinity is an adjective for nonstop fun

We’ve come across our fair share of impressive features in our days of scouting online casinos. However, Spinfinity by Eddy earns its place amongst the coolest that we’ve seen. It presents a wonderful way for slot players to explore the world of slots in what is akin to an adventure that never ends, since new titles are continually being introduced.

If you’re looking to expand your tastes and idea of what’s available out there, then look no further than Spinfinity by Eddy!  However, if you so choose to pass up this opportunity, you may miss out on some masterpieces that were released in the past as well as ones to be released in the future. Thus, if you count yourself an avid fan of slot games, regardless of your skill level, then chances are that Spinfinity will prove an indispensable tool for you.


A personal note from EmuCasino’s mascot Eddy the emu

Hey there my featherless compatriot! Do you crave a slot gaming experience of a lifetime that never ends? Well, Spinfinity is the next idea from my genius mind that is sure to make this a reality for you. With unbeatable emu-like determination and loads of energy, I will shower you with Free Spins day in and day out and pure joy will envelop your senses.

My motivation for this is seeing so many sincere and avid slot players here on EmuCasino miss out on hot titles that were released in the past. Spinfinity spawns out of a deep urge I have had for a long time to make available, in a form that is revolutionarily accessible, the very best that the world of slot games has to offer. Without further ado, get ready to spend the rest of your gaming days dwelling in infinite bliss as a continuous barrage of captivating slot games provide you with nonstop enchantment.

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