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Get the inside scoop on some of the finest slot titles that the world of slot games has to offer by tuning into our show! Our selection illuminates which slot games are worth checking out and highlights how you can maximize your use of the ‘Play for Fun’ mode. This mode (available at EmuCasino) not only allows you to practice playing slots to gain proficiency before you play with real money but is also a different playing experience altogether because it’s less serious with no money on the line! Without further ado, welcome to The Slot Show’s selection of the best free slot games!

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Featured Slot Games

Wolf Gold

This game catapults you into the great American outdoors and lets you run with the wolf pack on the hunt for those mega wins! Run for miles and miles with your howling brethren underneath a starry desert sky as you encounter a variety of wildlife. We must say, this is one of the most visually elegant slot games with a North American wilderness theme that we’ve ever encountered!

This game comes with a cool jackpot feature, which are divided into MINI, MAJOR and MEGA. On top of that, its exceptional graphics will knock your socks off and propel you right into the heart of wilderness!

Sticky Bandits

Relive the thrills and dangers of the Wild West in Sticky Bandits. This game thrusts you back into this iconic period in American history and puts you into the boots of an outlaw determined to rob a train. Load your revolver and ready your trigger finger!

This game comes with crisp graphics that elegantly illustrate the life of an outlaw. Also included is a Wild, Scatter and Free Spins bonus feature.

Sakura Fortune

Luxuriate in the tranquility of this traditional Chinese garden or hone your skills of warfare by sparring with local warriors; whether you choose fire or ice, Yin or Yang, you’re bound to have a great time in Sakura Fortune! Themed around the oriental concept of fortune, this game is as elegant as they come.

This game features graphics that will simply make your jaw drop in pure awe. If you’re a fan of oriental themed slots, then this is a must-play for you. Sakura Fortune also comes with a solid assortment of special features, including a Wild, Scatter and Free Spins feature.

Chili Desert

This quaint little Mexican town has more than initially meets the eye! The townsfolk that reside here can throw fiestas like there’s no tomorrow and know how to cultivate the hottest chilis in the world. Think you can handle the heat without running for the nearest glass of ice cold water? Then give Chili Desert a spin, amigo!

This game comes with immensely vibrant and colourful graphics that elegantly reflect the Mexican theme of the game. Also included is a Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Jackpot and Gamble feature!

Farm Ville 2

Think you can handle the madness that awaits you on this farm? Your farm buddies are back with more attitude than ever in this highly anticipated sequel to the exceedingly acclaimed original. Let the mayhem and wild shenanigans commence!

The lighthearted graphics in this game scream fun and craziness, bringing each of the farm animals to life! On top of that, Farm Ville 2 also comes with a Wild, Scatter, Free Spins and Gamble feature. What a masterpiece!

5 Lions

Themed around the Chinese concept of wealth, Five Lions will have you luxuriating in the most profound opulence in no time! Each of these five lions have a unique power to bestow upon you staggering rewards, so be on the lookout.

The graphics in Five Lions are nothing short of jaw-dropping and features some of the most elegant Chinese-inspired visuals that we’ve come across. This game also comes with a Wild, Scatter and unique Free Spins feature.

Tiger’s Glory

Welcome to the infamous Colosseums of Ancient Rome, where hardened warriors from across the empire and beyond battle it out for survival, coin, and honor! Step onto the arena sands and engage in an adrenaline-fueled clash of sword and muscle in front of crowds of roaring Roman citizens.

The crisp graphics in this game do justice in bringing to life the perilous and exciting aura of gladiatorial combat. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat! Tiger’s Glory also comes with a Wild, Scatter and Free Spins feature.


The tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears comes to life in this visually enthralling slot game that is bound to captivate the hearts and minds of fans of the classic story. Step into the tiny shoes of Goldilocks and be sure to wake up before the bears discover who ate their porridges!

The elegant and artistic graphics in Goldilocks illustrate this classic tale like you’ve never seen before. This game also comes with a Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, and multiplier feature.

Hercules and Pegasus

Amongst the most legendary figures in Greek mythology, Hercules and Pegasus undoubtedly rank high on the list. This slot game celebrates these two divine characters in visually elegant fashion and is bound to be a real treat for fans of Greek mythology everywhere. Ready to soar high and proud?

The visuals in Hercules and Pegasus let your imagination run wild and counts as among the most spectacular that we’ve seen amongst games of this genre. This game also comes with an impressive array of special features, including a random spin feature and various types of Wild, Free Spin features.

Mega Moolah

Go on a safari through this part of the African savannah and you may just get more than some cool pictures of exotic wildlife! Follow that monkey with the strange hair or track those lion footprints and you may just stumble across a win so epic that it may even cause a stampede!

Mega Moolah is recognized as one of the most famous online progressive jackpot games in existence today and comes with 4 Jackpot classes. Over the years, this game has forever changed the lives of some lucky players and you might just be next!

Coins of Luck

Brace yourself for a glimpse into the most extreme edges of wealth that the Far East has to offer! From lucky cats to goyfish, and even golden tortoises, Coins of Luck has it all and presents one of the most visually striking depictions of the oriental concept of wealth that we have ever witnessed!

Simply put, if you’re into oriental and Chinese themed slots, then you won’t want to miss adding Coins Of Luck to your collection of favourites. This game not only comes with jaw-dropping graphics but also with a Wild, Scatter, Free Spins and even a Jackpot feature!

super fast hot hot slots

Super Fast Hot Hot

Faster and hotter we go, baby! This old skool slot game rivals the heat of the hottest Habanero peppers and will make you run for the nearest ice water or cold shower in no time.

Super Fast Hot Hot comes with symbols that fans of classic slot games know and adore such as fruits and diamonds. It also even comes with a progressive jackpot feature! Ready to turn up the heat?

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